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Current projects

Location: Uralsk

Area: 15 m2

Cost: 35 million tenge

Partner: no

Term of realization: 2018-2019.

Location: Dome “Shugul” in Akzhaik district of WKR, 60 km. from Inder vill. of Atyrau region

Area: 100 km2

Cost: 23 million USD

Partner: “Kazakhstan Potash Company” LLP

Implementation period: 2015-2022

Location: salt dome “Grigoryevskaya” in Borli district of WKR, 15 km. from Aksay city

Area: 60 km2

Cost: 11 million USD

Partner: “League Holdings” LLP

Implementation period: 2015-2021

Location: Poyma st., Terekti district of WKR, 15 km. from Uralsk

Area: 300 ha

Cost: 40 million USD

Implementation period: 2016-2020

Initiator: West Kazakhstan region Akimat

Cost: 10 million USD

Implementation period: 2016-2018

Initiator: “Oral” International airport” LLP


- creation of modern transport infrastructure;

- development of new air routes;

- increase of the tourist attractiveness of the region;

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